Road Safety Product

Rubber Speed Breaker

Rubber speed breaker is use for Speed control on road & installed in accident prone area or Residential area. It’s is available in different sizes & model .                                          Feature:-                                                                                                Size-500 X 350 X 50mm                                                                  Color :- Black & Yellow                                                                    Shape- Flat                                                                                    Material:- Natural Rubber

Rubber Speed Breaker

Rubber speed breaker also known as speed bumps,speed bumpers, speed humps and speed breakers.Rubber Speed Breakers are very compact and has high resistance capacity to withstand severe impacts on road

Feature:-                                                                                            Size-500 X 350 X 50mm                                                                Color :- Black & Yellow                                                                Shape- Round                                                                            Material:- Natural Rubber

ABS Plastic Speed Breakers

Size – 250 X 350 X 50mm                                                              Color :- Black & Yellow                                                                Shape-Round                                                                                Material :- ABS Plastic

Convex Mirror

Convex mirrors are used at blind curves, parking lots, basements to give visibility of the approaching vehicle from the other side.

Feature:-                                                                                        Material :- Polycarbonate  Size:-24″/60CM|32”/80CM|40”/100CM                                          Lens-Unbreakable                                                                            Colour:- Orange Body

Rubber Car Stopper

Rubber Car Stopper prevent cars from pulling too far into residential or commercial parking spaces and visibly mark each parking space and also prevent vehicles from damaging sidewalks, building, curbs and landscaping.
Size:- L 300 X H 85 X H 75 MM                                                            L 600 X W 120 X H 100 (MM)                                                      Color: Black                                                                                Material :- Natural Rubber

Rubber Corner Guard

Corner guards also known as column protectors are best suited for basement parking to avoid damage from & to vehicles Natural Rubber with reflective stripe.

Feature:-                                                                                                  L shape                                                                                                Size: L 800/1000 x W 90 X 90 MM,                                    Color:Black

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint it is long life & retro reflective marking paint which is applied in hot and used in PCC & Damar Road for marking

 Feature:-                                                                                            Long durability,Providing a giudeline in night,immediate dry, Colour-White & Yellow & long visibility

Road Maker

Cat’S Eye/ Road marker The cat’s eye is a retro reflective safety device used in marking. The road stud reflectors are extremely durables devices providing day and night visibility in adverse weather conditions. These are reflectorized, i.e. reflect light from vehicle’s headlights back to drivers eye. 

Feature:-                                                                                        Plastic body & lens                                                                            Size: 100 X 90 X 16 MM,                                                                Color :Yellow & white

Customize Signages

Customize Signage, typically use for way finding information and direction in places such as streets or on the inside and outside of buildings, signs giving warning or safety instructions, such as warning signs, traffic signs, exit signs, speed control or signs conveying rules and regulations.

Feature:-  Design as per your requirement Substrate option ACP Sheet & Foam Premium quality HIP material                                Size & Color:- as per your requirement